Ando raises $ 6 million funding round


21st of October San Diego 2021 PRNewswire The Sustainable Banking Service Ando announces today the launch of an investment fund that is funded with a total amount of between 6 million dollars. The fund will be administered via Capital TTV and includes investments made using the capital offered by the HOF and Kinetic companies as well as NNS. NNS Group. Ando is an alternative to traditional banking which is rapidly growing and is mindful of its customers as well as the surroundings. For the initial quarter the year, more than 3000 Ando customers could have been able of financing green loans in three-quarters of United States. The banks which are the largest make use of customer deposits to finance fossil fuels and other industries that produce carbon emissions. Over the past five years, the top 60 banks in the world invest … greater than 3.8 trillion dollars in fossil fuel industry customers. Ando is, however altering the way that people manage their finances by investing the funds of its customers into carbon reduction projects to combat climate change. It also provides details about the locations where it invests funds through its customers. Customers.

“We believe that there is a need for expansion and innovation within the realm of finance” stated Gardiner Garrard, co-founder of TTV Capital and managing director of TTV Capital. “Ando’s sustainable banking services provide customers with the latest technology in banking that include, as a first of all, the ability to use all their money to invest sustainably. The only bank to provide this service and we’re excited to collaborate with Ando. to offer the benefits that sustainable banks offer to the majority of our clients. 

A few have noted the distinct features that Ando’s contemporary, user-friendly interface and focused leadership and the potential to have a global impact. Investors have been aware on the basis that the public is more likely to make informed decisions regarding their personal lives (according to the earlier BBMG research). GlobalScan Survey). to analyze the consequences of climate changes. For instance, 74% of people older than 30 say they have personally experienced the effects of worldwide warming. ).

Ando was founded on January 20, 2021. It is the sole institution which makes use of customer deposits to finance solar projects as well as other initiatives to reduce carbon emissions. The role it’s playing in tackling climate change is offered at no cost to Ando customers, who can avail an array of costly banking services, including the premium-priced insurance plan, FDIC protection, bonuses to encourage customers to share their ideas and free protection from overdrafts. It also offers the possibility of receiving cash up to two days in advance. In the final analysis, Ando is among the most trusted and secure banking options for private use and is the easiest way to limit the impact on the devastating consequences of changes in the climate. Ando is B Corp certified and has collaborated with climber Alex Honnold to inform the public on how to avoid “dirty secrets” within the realm of finance.

Ando transforms customer money into sustainable projects by cooperating alongside local credit unions as well as banks. Furthermore, Ando and partner banks offer a range of loans at a reasonable cost for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs across the country. They currently have partners such as WebBank together with Virginia Community Capital, with the principal beneficiaries of the loans being homeowner communities community, gathering spaces, communities and fire departments, as in veterinarians, as well as other local companies.

Local banking alliances enable Ando to rapidly and effectively move funds between customers and projects that can be implemented immediately and have a positive impact on the planet. Additionally local banks can profit from Ando’s global platform and reach their sustainability targets faster.

“There are over 9000 community credit unions and banks throughout all of the United States,” the CEO and founder JP McNeill explained. Greens are free to customers who have account. If Ando could help community banks in increasing the green loan they are able to provide one percent more and that would amount of 33 billion dollars worth of green loans. 

Through an investment loan you can maximize your investment , and interest-only payments can allow you to extend the amount of cash you have. A loan for investment lets investors get money to pay for an investment in one lump sum, which will increase in value over time. Payday Champion A corporation engaged in granting loans from its own capital funds or from funds sourced, you can apply a directly to their website.

What’s the background at the heart of Ando? Ando is currently the largest and most trustworthy bank offering green banking. They have revolutionized the banking industry by investing the money of customers in eco-friendly projects like sustainable agriculture techniques and alternative energy sources that could give customers 27 times the benefits that green projects offer. Additionally, Ando is 100 percent honest about where the money is put into. This is just two of the many reasons Ando was chosen to become an Certified B Corp, a acknowledgment of his dedication to a business that’s resilient, inclusive, and accessible to everyone. Ando customers don’t have to pay monthly charges and have the option of simple transfers and payments to old accounts.

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