Housing and Development Bank launches new service targeting high net worth clients


The Housing and Development Bank (HDB) launched a new service, HDB Royal, targeting high net worth clients, opening its first standalone Royal HUB and 11 other centers in branches across Egypt.

HDB continues to strengthen its position as a solid and competitive commercial bank. The new platform is another leap forward towards that end in a remarkably short period.

Hassan Ghanem, President and CEO of HDB, said that the launch of HDB Royal aims to provide distinguished service to the wealthy segment of its customers and meet their requirements with the highest quality and professionalism, as well as to provide financial services and non-financial advice to help them optimize their portfolios.

Ghanem indicated that HDB Royal is a concrete step reflecting the bank’s transformation strategy into a holistic approach to retail banking by offering its existing customers and the Egyptian market an exceptional quality of service.

He added that the bank’s strategic plan is also based on increasing the number of branches and developing existing branches in all governorates, in addition to increasing the number of ATMs and diversifying their locations to reach customers. across Egypt, and all this while providing banking services with the highest level of efficiency and quality.

Ghanem stressed that HDB attaches great importance to the quality of its human resources, one of the most important factors to guarantee the promised quality of service.

He pointed out that the bank has managed to maintain the strength of its financial position, achieving good growth rates with significant development in all retail banking services, despite the exceptional circumstances that the whole world has experienced due to the effects. negative effects and repercussions of COVID. -19 pandemic.

HDB’s financial results for fiscal year (FY) 2020/21, showed pre-tax profit of EGP 1.45 billion, an increase of 10.8% year-on-year (year-on-year) annual).

Ghanem explained that the achievement of these successful results was due to the ongoing development and expansion plans implemented by the bank, which had a direct positive impact on the performance of the bank and reflected the strength of its financial position. .

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