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hSenid Mobile has expanded its presence by helping to revolutionize the banking industry in Sri Lanka by introducing “Bank with ComBank on Viber”.

This Viber banking facility allows users to access a multitude of banking services through one of the most popular messaging apps in the world.

hSenid Mobile has always been at the forefront of banking communications technology in Sri Lanka. Earlier this year, hSenid Mobile first introduced WhatsApp banking in Sri Lanka. The further addition of banking services with Viber is a testament to hSenid Mobile’s commitment to developing Sri Lanka’s banking sector in step with similar developments around the world.

This timely service is open to anyone using Viber. Once the user has registered for the installation through the app, it can be activated by simply typing “Hi” and sending it to the Viber number designated by the bank. Users will then be given a menu of services to choose from. It is fully automated and there is no waiting time or transfer from one bank agent to another. Users will instantly get the information they are looking for.

Banking with ComBank on Viber is available for account holders and non-account holders. Those who have accounts with the bank can avail themselves of a number of facilities, including checking their account balance, viewing transaction history and requesting check books. Those who disregard can also access fixed deposits and exchange rates. Additionally, anyone can type in the word “Loan” and be given the option to choose between “Home Loan, Personal Loan or Leasing” and submit their information to the bank. A bank representative would call back and follow up on the specific requirement.

hSenid Mobile has taken all necessary measures to ensure confidentiality and protect sensitive personal data. All requests relating to personal accounts will require authentication via an OTP which will be sent to the mobile number registered with the bank.

“We are extremely proud to be able to complement banking services with Viber as well as WhatsApp banking services at Commercial Bank, which we helped launch earlier this year. By completing personal banking requirements through Viber, we enable customers to perform vital banking tasks through a messaging channel they are already comfortable with. It is also a timely need, with mobile banking rapidly becoming a mandatory requirement, ”said Dinesh Saparamadu, CEO of hSenid Mobile.

In addition, Pradeep Banduwansa, Head of Retail Products and Digital Channels at Commercial Bank, explained, “At Commercial Bank, we believe that technology should be able to meet individual banking needs and, therefore, support individual banking needs. ” help customers’ banking experience become even more personalized. By partnering with hSenid Mobile on WhatsApp banking and now developing a similar solution for Viber, Commercial Bank is solidifying its place in Sri Lanka banking as a proactive digital leader who truly understands customer needs.

At hSenid Mobile Solutions, we are pioneers in creating end-to-end platforms that allow both SMBs and large enterprises to connect with other businesses as well as with end customers. After having experienced resounding success in the financial and telecommunications market with our platforms, we have further developed our solutions to respond to the corporate sphere. Founded in 1997, with the aim of providing high quality software products and services to our customers all over the world, hSenid Mobile is currently operating in Bangladesh, Singapore and Sri Lanka with a global customer base spanning over 20 countries.


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