It’s the season for holiday scammers, like utility calls – CBS Boston

CONCORD, NH (AP) – It’s the season for holiday scammers, including those who target utility customers.

“These scammers – who often seem legitimate and convincing enough – can threaten to immediately cut off electrical service unless an instant payment is made, sometimes with a prepaid debit card, which should be a red flag,” Penni Conner, of Eversource, said in a statement. “Con artists are constantly changing their tactics to take advantage of unsuspecting customers and prey on people when they feel most vulnerable, such as during the holidays.”

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Eversource will never threaten to take the service offline or demand instant payment over the phone, Conner said.

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Consumers are also advised to be wary of callers who claim that people have overpaid their utility bills and request their personal bank account or credit card information for a refund. They should also watch out for text messages asking for personal information.

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