Sisi pledges to support Egyptian women, pledges to ban child marriage


Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on Sunday pledged to approve social, economic and legal measures to support Egyptian women.

He also pledged to accelerate efforts to ban child marriage and facilitate the implementation of the financial measures necessary to empower women economically. He also pledged to enact a new balanced law on personal status.

Accompanied by several ministers and statesmen, Sisi attended an event celebrating Egyptian women at the Al Manara International Conference Center in Cairo.

He stressed that since becoming president in 2014, he has made women’s empowerment “a key part of the state’s comprehensive development plan.”

Sisi addressed parliament, urging it to take the necessary steps for the swift passage of a law banning child marriage and one that explicitly sets the legal age for marriage. He also called on the Central Bank to take the necessary measures to prevent discrimination against women in access to loans and to empower women economically, especially mothers.

He also stressed the need for measures that protect women from indebtedness, stressing that more women should take up leadership positions, whether in the public or private sector.

Regarding the new personal status law, he said: “I can assure you that we are eager to hear from everyone”, which implies that the new regulations will be fairer for men and women.

Sisi added that all Egyptian institutions including Al-Azhar, parliament, senate and government are in favor of the new law because “it is in the interest of the Egyptian people”.

He also praised the Decent Living Initiative which supports Egyptian women and their children by providing them with adequate and safe housing, especially those living in precarious conditions.

“The Decent Living Initiative started two years ago, but we need to go even further,” he said, adding that according to initial data, 100,000 additional homes would be needed for families in 1 500 villages.

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