Sumedha Bobba and Banks Stamp are Mr. and Mrs. UAB 2022 – News


The 2021 winners were announced on Saturday October 23 at halftime of the UAB Homecoming game.

Banks stampBank and Sumedha Bobba stamp from Phenix City, Alabama, and Sumedha Bobba from Madison, Alabama, are the new Mr. and Mrs. UAB.

The 2021 winners were announced Saturday, October 23 at the University of Alabama at the Birmingham Homecoming game. The competition’s first substitutes are Alex Hayes of Chattanooga, Tennessee, and Ellie McDaniel of Lexington, Ky.

The Mr. and Mrs. UAB Scholarship Contest is one of UAB’s oldest traditions for reunion. Launched in 1981, it is presented by the UAB National Alumni Society. Contestants must demonstrate leadership and active participation in extracurricular activities. The 10 finalists were selected through an interview process, and the winners were chosen through a series of additional interviews and student voting, held during reunion week.

The winners will each receive a $ 2,500 scholarship and serve as ambassadors for the UAB and the Student Alumni Society Leadership Council over the coming year. The first alternates will each receive a bursary of $ 1,000.

Stamp, 20, is a junior specializing in political science and public administration at the College of Arts and Sciences. It is part of the UAB Honors College personalized course. Stamp received an Honorable Mention from the Udall Fellowship and is the Birmingham Representative of the US Committees on Foreign Relations for the Young Leaders Initiative 2021. He is Chairman of Sustain at UAB, Chairman of College Democrats at UAB and active member of Indian Cultural Association and Chinese Society of UAB. He was a field organizer for Birmingham Mayor Randall Woodfin’s campaign this summer and is a health policy ambassador for the UAB Lister Hill Center for Health Policy. Her parents are Jason and Amy Stamp.

Bobba, 19, is in his second year of the accelerated bachelor’s / master’s program, majoring in neuroscience at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and in business administration at the Collat ​​School of Business. She is part of the Honors College Personalized Journey, is a representative of the Student Alumni Society, and has been on the President’s List since the start of first year. Bobba is a pioneer of UAB, is a member of Alpha Xi Delta, and is involved in undergraduate research in neurobiology. She volunteers for Start the Adventure in Reading Birmingham, or STAIR, and for Blazer Kitchen. His parents are Parameswara Bobba and Varalakshmi Bobba.

Hayes, 19, is in her second year majoring in Neuroscience and is part of Honors College’s Honors Science and Technology program. He is the winner of the Outstanding General Chemistry Award, awarded to the top 2% of students, and was on the President’s List for both semesters of the first year. He is Guidance Officer for the UAB Outreach and Development Center, Race21 Fellow and Services and Outreach Coordinator for the Undergraduate Neuroscience Society. Hayes volunteered for a Best Buddies Guidance Leader Service Project and the Central Alabama Community Food Bank. Her parents are Trena Brown and Ramsey Bowman.

McDaniel 20, a junior specializing in Forensic Accounting, is in Honors College’s Honors College program. She has appeared on the UAB Presidential Honors list four times and is a recipient of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners scholarship. She is a resident assistant at Blazer Hall, a tutor and mentor for student-athletes, and a former guidance manager. McDaniel volunteers at Blazer Kitchen and is a peer mentor in the University Honors Peer Mentor program. Her parents are Mike and Karen McDaniel.

Mr. and Mrs. UAB 21.3Alex Hayes and Ellie McDanielThe finalists Mr. and Mrs. UAB are:

Kyle Adams, 19, of Montgomery, Alabama, is a sophomore major in political science with a concentration in US government. He is part of the Honors College Custom Course, is on the Dean’s List, and has been awarded the Collegiate Honors Scholarship. He is a member of the Undergraduate Student Government Association and Peer Wellness Ambassadors and is a pioneer of UAB. Adams volunteers with YMCA Youth in Government and Hearts for the Homeless. His parents are Robert Adams and Titania Adams, DNP.

Bailey Anderson, 20, of Dothan, Alabama, is a junior specializing in biomedical engineering at the School of Engineering. Anderson is part of Honors College’s Personalized Journey, has been on the Presidential Honors list every semester, and won the Presidential Volunteer Service Award. He is a UAB pioneer, UAB ambassador and teaching assistant in the chemistry department. Anderson is a volunteer with Southeast Health and a Palliative Care Patient Support volunteer. Her parents are Todd Anderson and Kristie Anderson.

Trent Davis, 21, of Corner, Alabama, is a junior specializing in biomedical engineering. Davis has been appointed to the Dean’s List or President’s List each semester and received the United States Conference Commissioner’s Academic Medal. Davis is a member of the UAB football team and has been involved in community service projects with the team. He attends the Reformed University Fellowship and serves as a leader in the Church at Brook Hills college group. Her parents are Greg and Sandi Davis.

Mary Gilmore, 21, is a student in Helena, Alabama, majoring in public health at the UAB School of Public Health. She is part of Honors College’s Global and Community Leadership Program and has been on the Presidential Honors list since fall 2019. Gilmore is a trailblazer and member of the Trailblazer leadership team, a sister of Alpha Xi Delta and Health Policy Ambassador through the Lister Hill Center for Health Policy. She is an assistant student at the UAB Center for the Study of Community Health and a member of the Dance Marathon at UAB, benefiting the hospitals of the Children’s Miracle Network. Her mother is Kristi Gilmore.

Skylar Jones, 20, of Hoover, is a junior at the UAB School of Nursing. She is on the UAB Dean’s List and is a recipient of the UAB Academic Achievement Scholarship. She is a CORD Orientation Facilitator and is part of the Ransom Student Ministry Black Student Outreach Committee. Jones volunteered for Children’s of Alabama and the MLK Beloved Community Service Project. His parents are Charles Jones and Taryn Jones.

Ritika Samant, 21, a junior from Vestavia Hills, Alabama, majoring in neuroscience. She is part of Honors College’s Honors Academic Program and is a recipient of the UAB Emerging Leaders Scholarship, the EDUCAUSE Rising Star Award, and the Patsy W. Collat ​​Scholarship. Samant is President of Active Minds, Vice President of Student Services of the Undergraduate Student Government Association and a member of UAB Ambassadors. She is a public health volunteer at UAB O’Neal Comprehensive Cancer Center and a second year STAIR reading teacher. His parents are Lalita Samant and Rajeev Samant.

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